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Ear Infections

Ear infections start with fluid getting trapped in the middle ear cavity, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. When a child then contracts a cold, it spreads to one or both ears and the result is earache.

Treating medically, you’d use an antibiotic to kill the bacteria, however four things:

  1. Infections are not always bacteria

  2. Medication takes time to take effect

  3. There may be side-effects to the medication

  4. It doesn’t solve the problem about the fluid buildup.

In a 2009 review of pediatric adverse drug events in the outpatient setting (In USA), Bourgeois et al. found that an average of more than 585,000 pediatric adverse drug events requiring medical attention occur each year. By far the most common culprits in these cases, at 27.5 percent, were antimicrobial (antibiotic/antiviral etc) agents.

Treating chiropractically, We’re asking, why is the fluid trapped? If the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tubes are in spasm, it can close down the tube’s opening and not allow the fluid to drain, producing earache and sinusitis symptoms. Similar to headaches and back pain being caused by muscle spasm, restoring correct spinal function can relax the muscle spasm allowing the fluid to drain. Or better still, with regular check-ups whilst symptom-free, prevent the muscle from spasming in the first place.

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